Improving the way medical communities learn and share knowledge

Real Time Patient Record Sharing

Across Multiple Providers and EMR’s

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Build a Connected Community

Educate Physicians

Through Interactive Case Studies

What We Offer

The Anzu Platforms provide technologic solutions for efficient and meaningful exchange of information and knowledge. Our goal is to positively impact learning, and ultimately patient care.

AnzuMedical is an out-of-the-box solution for any type of professional community to educate and engage their members through publishing, community knowledge sharing and the use of social networking features.

AnzuConnect is a unique and innovative solution  for efficient patient record exchange between physicians and care providers.

Improving medical outcomes through knowledge sharing and efficient information exchange

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs and recognizing the pain points of a professional community. Product development is tied to input from our extensive network of medical professionals in all different specialties. Through their feedback and suggestions, our company is able to translate these requirements into a technological solution


Providing Solutions That Matter


Mobile Technology

Everyone uses a mobile device to access their daily information. Medical professionals are no different. Any technology solution must also provide mobile access.

Social Networking

Professional groups and organizations are  essentially a social network. We incorporate many social networking features  into our AnzuMedical Platform in order to improve collaboration, knowledge and information exchange.

Revolutionizing Medical Record Exchange

AnzuConnect is developed around the concept of “pull technology” – the ability to instantly access information in a shared medical record that is up-to-date at the time of the record look-up. Though this concept seems obvious and intuitive, current technology does not offer this option.

Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Medical Care

Our platforms provide the ability to educate, share knowledge, collaborate and access relevant data.

Anzu Solutions

Anzu® products provide innovative solutions to the fundamental problem that currently exists in medicine today:

How to use technology to create efficient knowledge and information exchange within medical communities.

The solution to this problem will ultimately provide better patient care and reduce costs.

What kind of clients do you work with?

AnzuMedical™ is a comprehensive solution for any type of medical, dental or other professional communities that want to engage and educate their members using cloud based technology and social networking features. These include medical societies, and organizations, ACOs, and large physician group practices.

AnzuConnect™ is a solution for efficient patient record exchange between groups of physicians (such as ACOs), physician referral networks, clinics, and surgicenters, all requiring up-to-date data at any point in time across multiple providers and EMR’s. This capability will reduce costs, streamline care and strengthen referral networks.

How do you make on-boarding AnzuMedical™ as easy as possible ?

The simple answer is that we do everything for you prior to launch. The long answer is that our team works with your group during every step of the implementation process:

  • Evaluating your goals
  • Reviewing your assets
  • Designing the library and the library taxonomy
  • Preparing and uploading the the content, including optimizing all of your assets for the search engine
  • Training your staff


What makes AnzuConnect™ unique ?

The vast majority of  record exchange solutions involve “push” technology. AnzuConnect™ is the first “pull” style network for accessing patient records. Our “pull” technology allows physicians to be automatically notified when a patient’s state change is recorded in another physician’s EMR.

We started this company to solve some fundamental problems in medicine. It has been extremely gratifying to see our solutions change the strategic course of prestigious national medical organizations…

Barry Fernando MD

CEO and Founder, Anzu

As Anzu has evolved, I have been delighted with the enthusiastic response from leaders in medical organizations and “physicians in the trenches”.  We are making a significant impact on how physicians learn and engage with each other through technology.

Mark C. Phelps

Founder, Anzu

Working with the Anzu team and our wonderful clients is always exciting. To be able to create solutions for our clients’ needs and eliminate pain points for our clients and their constituents is very rewarding. We strive to deliver beyond our client’s expectations and it’s gratifying to regularly hear from our clients that we are achieving this.

Ted Haig

CFO & COO and Founder, Anzu

I’m very proud of what we have achieved and thrilled by the growing number of physicians excited by AnzuMedical.

David Hirschfeld

CTO and Founder, Anzu

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