Building Your Community Around Content and Knowledge Sharing

The AnzuMedical™ Platform is a comprehensive technology solution for any organization interested in building a digital repository around their relevant content and collective community knowledge. A diverse array of tools are provided which facilitate  rapid, pinpoint  information access, and the ability of individual community members to generate and share information – all requirements in this new digital age.

 Rave Reviews from Multiple Disciplines

Our branded product, Quest, has brought ASDS into the digital age. It’s an innovative, robust platform that’s changing the way our members learn and connect. With just a few clicks, members can access our educational resources, their personal library, post cases and engage in member-to-member discussions on-the-go, from any computing device. To top it off, Anzu has been a great partner. They’re flexible, creative and collaborative. We’ve been very impressed with the speed at which Anzu has been able to develop and deliver new features and functionality.

Katherine Duerdoth

Executive Director, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

The ANZU team worked tirelessly to execute our vision for The Surgeon’s Armamentarium (TSA). From inception to launch, ANZU was ever present. I am convinced The Surgeon’s Armamentarium will vastly advance our readers’ utilization of the neurosurgical literature and will provide an unmatched resource for our specialty.

Nelson M. Oyesiku, MD, PhD, FACS

Editor-in-Chief, NEUROSURGERY® Publications

AnzuMedical has created a cutting edge knowledge platform for our members that offers clinical information, procedural technique videos, digital access to our scientific journal and the opportunity for members to participate in a closed community discussion environment. This technology platform has proven to be our future for member education and engagement.

Michael C. Edwards, MD, FACS

Past President-American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

It’s a residency tool of the future and a fantastic supplement to resident education. The big benefit is that it synergizes a combination of platforms including peer-reviewed research, expert opinion and procedural videos. Textbooks are outdated by the time they are printed and research articles are great, but don’t always put information into context.
In St. Louis, we do it our way, but now residents can see how procedures are done at other institutions and once they get out of training, they are able to essentially keep up and study innovation.

Terence M. Myckatyn MD

Associate Professor of Surgery and Director of the Cosmetic Surgery Program, Washington University in St. Louis

National Recognition of the AnzuMedical™ Platform


The AnzuMedical™ Platform was featured on the February 2017 edition of the prestigious Operative Neurosurgery: The Surgeon’s Armamentarium Journal. The journal was also named after the platform.

Out-of-the-Box Customization for Your Community




  • Unique website and url
  • Customized branding and colors
  • Customized library taxonomy
  • Customized search screen interface
  • Role – based content access for members
  • Role – based discussion groups with social networking features and file sharing

The Best Search Engine in Medicine

Highly relevant search is essential for any education platform.  AnzuMedical™ takes this feature to a dramatically higher level of functionality. Through customized, specialty-specific meta-tagging and dynamic filters and sub-filters; medical professionals can cross-index a basic search query against multiple variables. These include anatomic areas, subspecialties, procedure types, industry content and even points inside of videos.


  • Integrated meta tagging system
  • Specialty specific search screen interface
  • Custom filter and sub-filters
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Automatic data crawl with file upload
  • Search points inside videos

Cases: An Award-Winning Feature

The AnzuMedical™ Cases Module was the “Great New Idea” winner at the January 2016 national meeting of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions. This module can function at many levels:

  • As an online publishing platform with an integrated review system.
  • As a multi-media “note” generator with the ability to share with community members.

It has many powerful features including:

  • An responsive web text generator
  • A rich text editor
  • Ability to add multimedia content
  • Ability to add internal reference links ( to content in the library)
  • Ability to add web reference links
  • Ability to share (downloadable) files
  • Branching logic
  • Automatic data crawl for instant accessibility to the search engine

Discussion Forums: Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Social Networking for the Medical Professional

The AnzuMedical™ Discussion Platform allows members of a medical community to collaborate and share images, videos, and files. Role-based access allows the creation of public and private discussion forums. This feature can be leveraged to create administrative workgroups, interest groups and specialty groups. 

  • Unique discussion forums
  • Role- based access
  • Ability to follow specific forums, discussion threads or individuals
  • Notification system
  • File sharing
  • Multimedia attachments

 A Proven Commodity for Knowledge Exchange

The Surgeon’s Armamentarium: An Educational Platform for the Congress of Neurological Surgeons
RADAR Resource: The Platform for The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

I am interested.  How do I get this?

Questions and Answers

For More Information

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I am very interested in this product - how much does this cost ?




The fees for this product are divided into two sections:
  1. An initial setup and on-boarding fee. Our team works closely with your organization to create your brand, organize and upload your content and setup all role access parameters, discussion groups etc… We then build the responsive website and deliver it turnkey. If you choose the premium search capability for journals, we assemble, upload and tag all the content. In addition, we build a custom search interface with filters and subfilters designed specifically to your organization’s requirements.
  2. A yearly license fee. The AnzuMedical™ Platform has a menu with multiple features including Premium Search, the Cases Module, and the Discussions Platform. The license fee is based on the features selected, and the number of members in your organization. For the first year we waived this license fee and give you access to all of these features. 



How do I upload content and manage this system, once up and running ?



The platform has an integrated content management system with administrative privileges. The content will exist in three formats:

  1. PDF’s – these can be directly uploaded through a web interface.
  2. Videos in MP4 format – also directly uploaded through a web interface.
  3. Cases  – This is content generated by the members. The platform has an integrated Case Builder which can easily create and edit a multi-media HTML based product.  Built into this product is the ability to share the case to the community, or submit it for review and publication.

We will train your system administrator to upload future content ( it is very simple ! ) or we can optionally manage this entire library for you, at an additional fee.





I am interested in Premium Search - tell me more about this.


Premium Search is the most powerful feature in the platform. The end-user can precisely and efficiently find an answer to a search query through specialty specific tagging of the content, including points inside videos. This is facilitated by a search screen interface with customized filters and sub-filters.

Premium Search is ideal for organizations with a journal or video library. Our company has worked with major publishers providing organizations with this powerful feature.  The AnzuMedical™ team will collaborate with your organization, to design the interface, tag all content and deliver a turnkey product. The platform has an integrated meta tagging system for content which AnzuMedical™ can manage or we can train a member of your organization to handle this.