The AnzuBridge® Solution

Currently, access to EMR or PM (Practice Management) data is limited.  The small amount of data available is accessible only through complex mechanisms which are difficult to set up and maintain.  AnzuBridge® is a solution for companies that need realtime access and monitoring of patient records stored remotely inside their customer’s EMRs and PMs.

AnzuBridge® eliminates the difficulties and complexities to accessing patient data for services such as:

  • Patient billing services requiring validation that billing is justified and properly recorded.
  • Insurance companies requiring automated form submittal and a transparent process to validate a claim.
  • The patient-facing apps requiring access to schedules of office visits, surgical procedures, and their outcomes.
  • Research organizations requiring an efficient and cost-effective method to collect and collate study data.


AnzuBridge® Capabilities

  • Real-time lookup of patient demographic or clinical data stored remotely on a physician’s EMR or PM.
  • Automatic notification of patient events such as an office visit, or completed procedure.
  • Automatic delivery of patient demographic or clinical data in any format necessary.
  • Custom data analytics can be provided based on your specifications.

Realtime Monitoring and Access


Using proprietary neuron technology allows AnzuBridge® realtime access and monitoring of specific patient data.


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