The AnzuConnect™ Platform

AnzuConnect is a disruptive approach to accessing patient records stored anywhere, by combining social networking capabilities with Pull technology.

  • Providers’ EHRs are plugged into the AnzuConnect cloud via an independent, self-maintaining software component installed on each provider’s EHR server.
  • Providers can share, access, view and even monitor patient records in real-time even though those records are stored remotely in their physician friends’ EHRs. 
  • Providers and their staff can selectively share access to specific parts of a patient’s records, look-up patients remotely from referring physicians’ EHRs, and receive notifications when patient records are updated.
  • Providers can communicate via a HIPAA compliant chat with any provider in their network. 
  • Each provider has total control over his or her own provider network.


AnzuConnect™ Benefits

  • Implementation is simple, inexpensive and pain free for providers.
  • Learning curve takes minutes, not days.
  • Very little PHI is stored outside of a provider’s EHR.
  • Establishes a new paradigm for sharing access to medical data by opening access to and pulling records from a provider’s EHR.
  • Eliminates the bottlenecks to immediate access to the most current patient data.
  • Instant notifications when patient records change in referring physicians’ EHRs.
  • HIPAA compliant chat system for safe immediate communications for doctors and staff.
  • Increases referrer loyalty because results are available immediately.
  • Highly cost effective solution

Neuron Technology

Using proprietary and novel “Neuron” technology gives the AnzuConnect ™ network the intelligence to access patient records regardless in which EMR brand it’s stored. AnzuConnect™ neurons bring patient records to life by allowing physicians to monitor and receive notications of any patient record updates from any EMR connected to our network.

An Intelligent Network

By enabling the connection of multiple EMRs into a logical real-time network, AnzuConnect™ establishes a new paradigm for sharing access to medical data without the need to push patient records from one location to another. AnzuConnect™ is the first ‘Pull’ style network for accessing patient records. Our ‘Pull’ technology allows physicians to be automatically notied when a patient’s state change is recorded in another physician’s EMR.

Secure HIPAA Compliant Network

Our HIPAA compliant cloud service offers highly secure messaging and patient record access.

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