AnzuConnect™ for ACOs


The Goals of ACOs

The goal of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) is to provide high quality patient care across multiple clinicians while at the same time reducing costs.  This can be challenging as physicians continue to struggle with the hassles related to real-time patient record sharing across multiple providers and EMRs.

Physicians and staff become frustrated after wasting countless hours tracking down current patient information. Patients are frustrated because of redundant testing, canceled surgeries, and records missing at the time of care. These frustrations drive up costs, degrade the quality of patient care, and cause endless inconveniences, all counter to the objectives of a successful ACO.

ACOs need :

  • A secure integrated information system that provides  relevant information at the point of care to assist in care  coordination among multiple clinicians and sites of care.
  • Immediate real-time access to patient records with automatic notification when those records change no matter where the  data is stored or what EMR application they are using.

The problem is current EMR software, direct messaging and electronic referral systems do not provide the real-time access to patient data needed to solve this challenge!


The AnzuConnect™ Solution

AnzuConnect is a revolutionary way to access patient records stored anywhere. It is real-time patient data sharing that facilitates communication between treating physicians no matter what EMR they are using.  This is done through connecting their existing EMR (no matter what the EMR is) into the AnzuConnect network (we do the connection for you).

Physicians and/or staff can now:

  • Share, access, view and even monitor patient data directly within their network of treating physicians.
  • Easily look-up patients remotely from referring physicians EMRs, receive notifications when patient records change, communicate via HIPAA compliant chat, print those records locally and save them as PDFs and attach them to the patient’s record in their own EMRs.
  • Connect with payers to help reduce preauthorization costs and time, and to help improve reimbursement to the physicians.

AnzuConnect helps ACOs achieve their goals on a cloud based network, without the need to store any health records.

The Benefits of AnzuConnect™ for ACOs

  • Provides accessible, effective, team-based integrated care
  • Improves the quality and efficiency of patient care
  • Creates a new paradigm for shared access to medical data
  • Delivers immediate notification of patient status changes across providers
  • Eliminates the bottlenecks to obtain the most current patient data
  • Instant notifications when patient records change to referring physician’s EMRs
  • HIPAA compliant chat system for safe immediate communications the Physicians and staff
  • Increases referral network loyalty
  • Facilitates a new level of collaboration throughout your ACO
  • Ability to seamlessly connect with Payers to enable improved reimbursement to Physicians


Combine AnzuConnect™ with AnzuMedical™ for your ACO


Create the ultimate connected and efficient ACO by combining AnzuMedical™ and AnzuConnect™:

  • Create efficient referral networks
  • Teach problem management workflows
  • Reduce costs by avoiding duplicate lab tests and studies
  • Share best practices between specialists and primary care
  • Provide open and secure communication channels between ACO members.

AnzuMedical: Unsurpassed Features

Multiplatform Access


Enterprise Search

Community Knowledge Sharing

Role Based Access


Advanced Annotation Tools


Discussion Forums


Personal Document Management System

Cloud Syncing

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