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Maintaining Relevance in a Changing Environment

Every business, organization, society, and community is re-evaluating their structure, means of engagement and mode of information delivery. Medicine is no exception.  Traditional forms of information exchange, collaboration and communication are being challenged by the new generations of physicians.

The AnzuMedical® platform provides any medical society, organization, community or business the means to accept this challenge head-on.

AnzuMedical® medical knowledge sharing platform

Leverage Technology

The foundation of medicine is built on the principles of knowledge and information exchange and peer-to-peer collaboration.

AnzuMedical® provides the technological solution to efficiently incorporate these principles into your community of physicians. This comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution will allow you to create the ultimate “connected” community for your members. Create a rich multi-media education library that is available anywhere, any time and on any device with cloud-based syncing and update notification.

Provide your members with instant access to relevant information through a customized enterprise search feature. Leverage the creativity and knowledge of your physicians and industry partners through AnzuMedical’s CaseBuilder® and Case-Based Learning System®.

Facilitate collaboration and sharing through integrated social networking features.

Enhance Learning

AnzuMedical® has a powerful annotation toolkit to enhance learning and research. Users can highlight publications, add multimedia attachments, and add them to a personalized binder(folder) for later access. Streaming videos can be bookmarked, annotated and saved in binders. Discussion can be started on pages in publications, on highlighted texts, and even on bookmarks inside videos. The list goes on !

Principles of the AnzuMedical® Platform


Instant Information Access

The new generation of physicians expect instant information access:

Anywhere, any time, on any device

In addition, this information has to be relevant. The solution is to provide a software product that is multiplatform with powerful search capabilities, that has sophisticated indexing capabilities and point it at a relevant database of content:

Ask a question, get the correct answer

Self Expression

Applications that encourage the creative self-expression of an individual within a global community (YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram…) are very popular.

In medicine, there is a vast reservoir of untapped knowledge within physician communities. Self-expression in this environment should be centered around the sharing of knowledge and experience. The AnzuMedical® Case-Based Learning System® solves that problem.


Everyone wants to be recognized for their accomplishments. The AnzuMedical® Platform provides the ability for individuals to publish cases, participate in discussion forums and share binders of curated material with their colleagues. An integrated engagement platform will recognize and record all of these accomplishments  and encourage engagement.

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