Learning Modules

Award-Wining Community Knowledge Generation and Sharing


Web-Based Builder

An intuitive web-based builder facilitates the creation of multimedia cases, notes, or learning modules

Notification System

Email notification with link

  • New Module
  • New Case
  • New Discussion Post

Configurable Architecture

Can be configured for multiple different purposes

  • Case Studies
  • Note Taking
  • Online Publishing
  • Self-Assessment Modules

Approve and Publish

The AnzuMedical® Platform has an integrated Case reviewing system, assuring publication of vetted content to the community.

Community Knowledge

The ability to publish community generated knowledge creates the ultimate collaborative experience for professionals.

Creating & Sharing Notes

Students, residents, educators and physicians can create web-based multi-media notes and share them with members of the community


Key Features

Modules have a multitude of features including branched logic, multimedia attachments, direct reference links to content within the community library and externally to the web.


Integrated Discussions

A Full-Featured Discussions Platform

  • File Sharing
  • Multi-Media Upload

Recognized as a Leading Innovator

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) won the “Great Idea 2016″ award for their RADAR Interactive Cases feature at the national meeting of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Healthcare Professionals (ACEhp).

This product was built on the AnzuMedical®Learning Module Platform and designed to promote collaborative sharing of knowledge and experience between the members of the society.


One of the most important resources in any medical community is the collective knowledge and experience of its members. To date, this reservoir of knowledge has been untapped, accessible only by “curbside consults” in hallways of hospitals,  clinics,  and between lectures at local and national meetings.

The AnzuMedical®™ Platform and its easy-to-use web based CaseBuilder™, allows all members of a professional community to share knowledge, experience, and creativity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through cloud-based mobile technology.

Cases can be in the form of solving a clinical problem, providing a tip on how to prevent a complication, or demonstrating how to streamline a surgical workflow.

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Medical educational content needs comprehensive vetting prior to delivery. The CaseBuilder has an integrated and configurable vetting system. Cases can be created, edited and  reviewed, by multiple sources including experts, educators, administrators and legal, prior to submission for publication.









  • Clinical Case
  • Studies
  • Mock Oral Boards
  • Practice Management
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Patient Safety
  • Software
  • Medical Devices
  • Legal
  • Entrepreneurship

Industry Knowledge





Physicians need relevant and detailed information on Medical Industry products, services and devices. With the AnzuMedical®™ Case Based Learning System®, Industry can now share a deep knowledge of their products with physicians. In addition, publication to physicians can result in a new form of revenue for the community. An independent back-end review system allows a case study product to be vetted by multiple reviewers including legal, marketing, sales and KOL’s prior to submission for publication.




Access to Your Network




Instant access to your professional network, anywhere, any time on any device.



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Best Practices


  • Case Reports
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Ideas and Innovations
  • Management of Complications
  • Avoidance of Complications
  • Surgical Workflows
  • Medical Decision-Making
  • Advice and Experience with Medical Devices and Pharma



Share Knowledge




The AnzuMedical®™ Case Based Learning System® taps into the collective knowledge of everyone in a medical community: Physicians, Administrators, Residents, and Educators. Physicians can learn from and interact with experts and colleagues on topics ranging from clinical case management, to practice management, to technology and entrepreneurship. The AnzuMedical® Platform is the cloud-based repository for storage and immediate retrieval of this knowledge database.



Knowledge Sharing Made Easy

Share medical knowledge and experience by building interactive case studies using the web-based CaseBuilder. Create a challenging learning experience with branching logic, multimedia attachments, direct reference links and downloadable files. The CaseBuilder’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface allows anyone to create simple or complex products.

Find a Case with Search

Use AnzuMedical’s powerful enterprise search to instantly find Cases. Search by topic, title, author and keyword. Search will even find attached images and videos attached to a Case.

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Ask Questions and Comment on Cases

Cases have a comments section where users can ask a question to the author, post a comment or start a a discussion on relevant topics. Physicians can also directly email the author with offline questions or comments.

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