Build the Ultimate Connected Community

Deliver instant access to any and all types of information that is valuable to your community members

Enterprise Search

Instant access to any relevant information in your community including publications, videos, discussion threads, interactive cases, and even inside videos. Knowledge at your fingertips.

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The Anzu® Platform

Allow all members of your community to share their knowledge. Provide powerful relevant search to find it.

AnzuMedical™ Features -Enterprise search, Cloud Syncing, Community Publishing, Community Knowledge Sharing, Video Streaming, iPad App, Annotations & sharing

Case Based Learning® for Members

Community knowledge sharing through a completely integrated creation, reviewing and publication system.

Case Based Learning® for Industry

Industry knowledge sharing through an identical integrated system provides a new form of revenue generation for your community.

A Comprehensive Reference Library


Create the ultimate education for your physician community. Include your medical Journals, white papers, newsletters, videos, and interactive case studies.

Role Based Access

Role-based access allows control of content and discussion group visibility based on end-user privileges. Partition your resident-in-training community from your member community, allowing residents, educators, and thought leaders to access your valuable educational content and also create their own. AnzuMedical’s platform allows cross-publishing and collaboration between these independent communities

Share Knowledge



Create and share community knowledge. Leverage the knowledge and experience of your community thought leaders, physician members, educators, and Industry partners through AnzuMedical’s Cased Based Learning System®. Create highly engaging interactive case studies on any topic with branching logic, direct access to library reference material, multi-media attachments and community discussion. Facilitate knowledge exchange through AnzuMedical’s innovative, simple-to-use CaseBuilder® with it’s integrated editing, reviewing and publishing capabilities




Facilitate peer to peer collaboration 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. AnzuMedical’s core social networking features include a discussions board, a sharing platform, and a contacts feature. These feature provide frictionless peer-to-peer exchange of ideas, techniques and opinions.

Cloud Syncing

Cloud based data syncing allows notification and instant access to new publications, and notifications of discussion posts, and sharing of binders. All user created binders, annotations and uploaded personal content is encrypted, and password accessible.

Enterprise Search

Deliver highly relevant search. AnzuMedical’s integrated Google Search Appliance (GSA) provides accurate and relevant search of all content within your community including publications ,discussion threads, interactive case studies, and even inside bookmarked videos. A branded search screen with customized search filters can also be created.

A Personal Document Manager

Design and upload a personal library of documents. Each of your physician members can build their own personal document library with access to AnzuMedical’s annotation, sharing and binder capabilities.

The AnzuMedical® Features


Enterprise Search

Cloud Syncing

Community Publishing

Community Knowledge Sharing

Video Streaming

iPad App

Mobile Responsive Web

Desktop Responsive Web

Community Forums

Sharing Platform



Annotation and Organization

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