AnzuMedical® for ACOs


The Goals of ACOs

The goal of Accountable Care Organization (ACOs) is to provide high quality patient care across multiple physicians while at the same time reducing costs. In addition ACOs need the ability to provide relevant clinical, legal and administrative processes within the ACO that are transparent to physicians, other related healthcare professionals and the public.  The challenge is how!  As an ACO you are tasked with:

  • Facilitating the communication, collaboration and sharing of information to develop a true partnership among participating physicians.
  • Providing a platform for physicians, other healthcare professionals and patients to provide input regarding relevant policy development and decision-making processes.
  • Validating and measuring clinical performance, efficiency and evaluate the patient experience.
  • Improving the quality and efficiency of medical care through the sharing of best practices.
  • Providing ACO members access to relevant data and information such as training materials (video’s, presentations, interactive case studies, etc…) capturing and making available best practices, policies and procedures, advice, white papers, and newsletters.
  • Providing an educational platform for the patient community within the ACO.

The AnzuMedical® Solution

AnzuMedical® is a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution which allows you to create the ultimate “connected” community for your ACO members and patients. 

  • Create a rich multi-media education library available anywhere, any time and on any device with cloud-based syncing and update notification.
  • Provide your members with instant access to relevant information through a customized enterprise search feature.
  • Leverage the creativity and knowledge of your physicians and industry partners through AnzuMedical’s Case Builder and Case Based Learning System®.
  • Facilitate collaboration and sharing through integrated social networking features.


How AnzuMedical® Works With ACOs

  • Ask questions and get answers from experts and peers  within the ACO.
  • Review and approve content.
  • Establish multiple communities including practice specialty groups allowing collaboration and sharing of best practices.
  • Share knowledge through a built-in case based learning system.
  • Create private discussion forums.Have role based access to content.
  • Establish rewards and recognition  for your user community through an integrated gamification feature.
  • Capture input, feedback and information from your ACO community to improve performance and efficiencies and promote member participation.


AnzuMedical® for the ACO Patient Community (Optional)


AnzuMedical’s powerful role based access system can also create two independent communities under one application; the ACO physician community and the ACO patient community.  This provides knowledge and information sharing directly to the patient population. Features for the patient platform include:

  •  ACO created Case Based Learning, providing the ultimate educational tool for patients
  • Physician created case based learning, providing a marketing tool for engagement, education and acquisition of patients
  • The Google Search Appliance (GSA) providing customized search filters directed at any medical educational or Industry web sites for one stop access to information
  • Role based access to ACO publications and other relevant material
  • A personal document management system
  • Access to AnzuMedical’s annotation and content organization tool kits

Unsurpassed Features

Multiplatform Access



Enterprise Search


Community Knowledge Sharing


Role Based Access



Advanced Annotation Tools



Discussion Forums



Personal Document Management System


Cloud Syncing


AnzuMedical® for your ACO

Create the ultimate connected and efficient ACO by combining AnzuMedical®:

  • Create efficient referral networks
  • Teach problem management workflows
  • Reduce costs by avoiding duplicate lab tests and studies
  • Share best practices between specialists and primary care
  • Provide open and secure communication channels between ACO members.

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