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Global Content Search

Advanced search algorithms in combination with Anzu’s sophisticated indexing capabilities provides comprehensive search across content and community.


Meta Tagging System

Anzu’s integrated meta-tagging system allows the creation of community specific filters and sub-filters

Custom Search Filters

Customized search filters allow a user to drill deeply into a search query


Search Inside Videos

Anzu’s video indexing features allows targeted search inside videos.

Ask a Question Get an Answer

Search is a mainstay of everyday life. All of us are used to asking a question and getting an answer. Expectations of a search engine are very specific; it has to be fast, comprehensive and relevant. Ask any physician about search in the medical environment and you will get the same answer – comprehensive, relevant search of all important information within a medical community does not exist. This is due to the siloed nature of medical knowledge with information distributed in journal publisher portals and society, and associations. The AnzuMedical® platform with its integrated Google Search Appliance (GSA) and customized meta tagging and filtering system allows instant, precise and relevant answers to a search query.

The GSA through it’s proprietary search algorithms provides relevance, and AnzuMedical’s meta tagging system and custom filters and subfilters allow a user to drill down that query by content types (journals, videos, cases, discussion threads), image types, procedures, anatomic areas and even inside videos


Problem solved.

What are the most powerful search features in the Anzu® Platform ?

The GSA combined with the Anzu® software arguably provides the most comprehensive and relevant search within a professional community. That said, there are two powerful features which place the search capabilities into a different league:

  • AnzuMedical’s index and meta-tagging system allow identification by content type (journals, videos, cases, notes, discussion threads), image type, procedure type, subspecialty, anatomic area, and video type. Content can even be cross-indexed by Industry companies and even products and services.
  • Role-based access allows the user to search across all or part of the content of multiple different communities based on permissions.
  • The Anzu® Platform has video indexing capabilities which allow the user to search inside videos. A simple search query can find and now open a specific spot inside a streaming video (patent pending).
How does the Anzu® Platform work with the GSA?

The Anzu® Platform is the technological solution that enables any organization to create a mobile community built over content. It has many features including:

  • Community publishing
  • Content generation
  • Video streaming
  • Discussion forums
  • A personal document management system
  • A feature-rich end user annotation and content organization toolkit

All of this content is searchable through AnzuMedical’s sophisticated search and indexing capabilities. Utilizing Google’s proprietary search algorithms, relevance to a search query is established.  Custom filters and sub-filters generated by AnzuMedical’s indexing system provides additional pinpoint refinement.  Additionally, role-based access controls both custom filter and content visibility.

What is a Google Search Appliance (GSA) ?

UnknownThe Google Search Appliance is a rack-mounted device providing document indexing functionality that can be integrated into an intranet, document management system or website using a Google Search-like interface for end-user retrieval of results. Features include:

  • Support for Google Analytics and Google Sitemaps functionality
  • Search capabilities that include searching web content, other file types (e.g. html, pdf, office documents), databases (Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase) and content management systems (EMC Documentum, FileNet, Open Text LiveLink, Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Indexing (crawling) of search-able content, configured by specifying URLs to crawl. Search patterns can also be included to limit the information that is being searched and searching can be customized by using the OneBox API
  • Result sets displayed with a Google-like appearance. The default behavior can be customized by using XSL Transformations
  • Keywords that return specific results when specific keywords are used. 
  • Synonyms that give alternate terms for your search. E.g. when user types “cell phone”. Search will add suggestions e.g. “mobile phone” to the result set
  • Cached results, where each result item will include a “cached” link next to each result item. By clicking on the user will be able to view an HTML version of the page / document which means that the actual document does not need to be opened
  • Statistics in result sets containing number of results returned, duration of search, document title, url of document, date modified.
  • Highlighted search terms to show search hits and allows you to see words in context without having to open documents.
  • Grouping similar results to hide duplicates.
  • Specifying document types in result sets
  • Sorting of result sets by date or relevance
How does the GSA Compare to other enterprise search products ?

There are many enterprise search products currently available on the market. Some are software solutions, others are hardware and software products. All of these solutions require significant additional technological implementation. The GSA is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in enterprise search. It provides the best option to leverage the Anzu® Platform’s indexing capabilities. Read the Gartner report.

What other features on the Anzu® Platform can I use with search ?

Anzu’s highly relevant search provides an instant answer to a question within a professional environment. By accessing this information on a mobile device, clinical decision-making and patient outcomes can be enhanced.

Our software’s rich annotation and bookmarking capabilities take this feature to the next dimension. After a search query, a user can annotate the content, bookmark it and place it in electronic binders ( folders). A true value proposition for research and study.

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Search on any mobile device

Through a web-optimized app, you can instantly access answers to your questions.

Search on your iPad

Via a native iPad application

Search on your desktop browser

All information and activities sync across all devices in the cloud


Search Filters

Filters can search across any community content including publications, discussion threads, case modules, videos, video bookmarks, Industry publications and Industry products and services. Filters can even be customized for specific organizations. All filters are generated by AnzuMedical’s meta-tagging system.


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