Educating Physicians

The Challenge

Medical Industry is one of the major innovators in any medical community. Physicians need and want relevant and detailed information on these products, services and devices. Unfortunately access to physicians has been significantly restricted over the last few years.  Medical Industry is now confined to defined information pathways about their products and services, delivered to physicians at hosted events, medical meetings or office appointments.

The Solution

With the AnzuRep® Cased Based Learning System and the AnzuRep® CaseBuilder®, Medical Industry can now share a deep knowledge of their products with physicians. An independent back-end review system allows a case study product to be vetted by multiple reviewers including legal, marketing, sales and KOL’s prior to submission for publication. You can publish directly into a medical community that is on the AnzuMedical® platform or to all your clients via a unique URL.

Create the Ultimate Learning Experience

Mobile Access

Provide multi platform access which is available on the web browser of any device.

Branched Logic

Increase engagement by providing the physician with multiple paths of learning via branched logic


Multimedia Attachments

Add photos and videos to your presentation to create a deep learning experience.

Downloadable Files

You can attach many types of files that the physician can directly download on their desktop or open in a web viewer on their mobile device; brochures, excel spreadsheets, word documents, videos, catalogues etc…

Reference Links

You can provide reference links to websites and even internal publications within the library.

Direct Contact

After learning about your product, the physician can directly email your company for more information.

Share Your Deep Knowledge About Your Products and Services

AnzuRep® is a unique and innovative form of advertising to your physician clients through a Case Based Learning System® and integrated CaseBuilder®. It is a perfect vehicle to promote your products and services in today’s restrictive environment of physician and Industry interaction where education is the preferred means of information exchange.

Providing the Most Current Information

Industry information is constantly changing.  Products and services are updated and indications for usage are intermittently refined.  AnzuRep’s CaseBuilder allows rapid editing and resubmission of all published content.


  • Community Publishing 100%
  • Collaboration 100%
  • Knowledge Sharing 100%
  • Employee Training 100%

Create a Mobile Community for Your Company

For small, medium and even large companies, AnzuRep® is an out-of-the-box solution for creating your own mobile community:

  • Use AnzuRep’s publishing system to build a reference library for your company employees
  • Train your employees using AnzuRep’s Case Based Learning System®
  • Create role based discussion forums for the ultimate company collaboration
  • Access AnzuRep® from any device
  • Your company reps can even share binders of curated information with physicians who are in a AnzuMedical® community

AnzuRep® – innovative advertising to your Physician clients through a Case Based Learning System and integrated CaseBuilder.

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