The Ultimate Collaborative Community

Improve Medical Outcomes Through Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration

The AnzuMedical™ Platform enables healthcare providers to efficiently connect and collaborate with one another to share information and knowledge.

Instant Knowledge: Available any time, any place, any device.

AnzuMedical Creates the Ultimate Reference Library: Provide your members with a comprehensive, multi-media reference library of medical Journals, white papers, newsletters, videos, and interactive case studies.
Information accessible via the Web and virtually all smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Real-Time Collaboration Facilitates Best Practices

Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Collaboration: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via discussion channels, with file sharing.
Create & Share Community Knowledge: AnzuMedical’s CaseBuilder™ and Case Based Learning System™ leverage knowledge of member physicians and partners.

Multimedia Binders: Advanced annotation enables the creation of complex media-rich binders on topics of interest and share them with other community members.


Highly Relevant Search Function

Customized Enterprise Search: Provides instant access to the most highly relevant information from all content and sources including publications, discussion threads, interactive case studies, and even inside bookmarked videos.

AnzuMedical Features: Unique, Powerful, Fast, Intuitive.

  • Enterprise Search
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Community Publishing
  • Community Knowledge Sharing
  • Video Streaming
  • iPad Application
  • Mobile Responsive Web
  • Desktop Responsive Web
  • Community Forums
  • Sharing Platform
  • Contacts
  • Annotation & Organization

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