The Ultimate Collaborative Community

New Anzu® Residency Education & Collaboration Platform for Hospitals & Medical Societies

“Based on the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response Anzu®’s knowledge sharing & collaboration platform received from our members, we quickly realized its tremendous potential and it made sense to extend it to hospitals and residency programs around the country via a nationwide network.”

Daniel C. Mills, MD, President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Instant Knowledge: Available any time, any place, any device.

Provide your residents and physicians with efficient access to medical knowledge, educational resources, and a host of collaboration tools designed to improve patient outcomes through information access, sharing, and communications.
Create and share a comprehensive, multi-media reference library of medical Journals, white papers, newsletters, videos, and interactive case studies between different hospitals and medical societies.
Information accessible via the Web and virtually all smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Real-Time Collaboration Facilitates Best Practices

An independent Content Management System (CMS) for each residency program

A networking system for all participating programs which will allow collaborative exchange of information between institutions.
An HTML based webpage builder for residents to generate/share multi-media notes for study.
A “Virtual Journal Club” – a technological version of an established institutional product.
Powerful search engine with specialty-specific tagging and filters, even search inside videos.
Multi-platform cloud based access.
Ability to bookmark specific points inside of videos (including YouTube or Vimeo).
Access to Compendiums which are expert generated folders of information on techniques, problem management, etc.


Highly Relevant Search Function

Customized Enterprise Search: Provides instant access to the most highly relevant information from all content and sources including publications, discussion threads, interactive case studies, and even inside bookmarked videos.

AnzuMedical Features: Unique, Powerful, Fast, Intuitive.

  • Enterprise Search
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Community Publishing
  • Community Knowledge Sharing
  • Video Streaming
  • iPad Application
  • Mobile Responsive Web
  • Desktop Responsive Web
  • Community Forums
  • Sharing Platform
  • Contacts
  • Annotation & Organization

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