Innovative Concepts • Award Winning Technology







  • network of multiple programs or hospitals
  • content management system
  • structured sharing
  • enterprise search
  • cloud-based syncing
  • unlimited storage
  • responsive web application
  • multimedia HTML note-taking
  • video bookmarking
  • discussion channels with file sharing
  • notifications









  • Web Interface
  • Intuitive
  • Multimedia
  • Reference Links
  • File Sharing
  • Branching Architecture





Responsive Web Application

  • iPhone
  • Android Phone
  • Desktop Browser
  • iPad
  • Android Tablet




Knowledge Surfacing

The ability to instantly surface all types of relevant information within an educational environment, and allow the user through a customized search screen interface to “drill down” to an answer to any search query.

Collaboration Tools

  • Community Content Generation Tools
  • Discussion Channels
  • Comprehensive Network Sharing Platform



Residency training programs face many hurdles to train and educate with technology:

  • Multiple sites of access
  • Multiple apps in use
  • Storage issues
  • Delivery issues
  • Lack of uniformity and capabilities in content generation


Innovative Capabilities


  • A Content Management System (CMS) for each program in the network
  • The ability to cross collaborate and share knowledge and content  between organizations
  • The ability of any member to generate and share media rich content
  • The ability to efficiently surface any content through powerful search technology
  • The ability to maintain an educational connection with alumni to enhance institutional knowledge


Highly relevant search

  • Through the use of a Google Search Appliance, an integrated meta tagging system and customized filters and subfilters, RADAR has the best aesthetic search engine currently available.

Content Generation

  •  An integrated HTML note creator, with multimedia attachments, downloadable files, branching architecture, reference links, and an integrated community discussion feature.

Social Networking Features

  •  A sharing platform that facilitates exchange of videos, case notes, and publications between residency programs in the network.
  •  Open and private discussion channels with file sharing
  •  Compendiums – expert curated folders of information on topics or surgical procedures.

Content Consumption

  • End user annotation, video bookmarking and the ability to organize content into binders.


“ASAPS is excited to partner with Anzu® and several leading hospitals to create this unique residency collaboration network. The primary mission of our organization is to educate our members. Early on, we recognized that technology must play an integral part in the learning process. The goal of this particular project is to leverage technology to the fullest extent possible and build a network of residency programs that can share their unique arsenals of knowledge with each other for maximum benefit. It’s a unique concept in terms of its mass-collaborative nature that we know will provide a much richer learning experience for all residents in training.”

Daniel Mills MD

President American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

“Anzu’s goal is to revolutionize residency training and education by enabling collaborative knowledge sharing between institutions and residents, regardless of whether they come from small or large programs. “Most institutions and residency programs exist and operate in siloed environments. We are providing a daily use product for residents that will change how they learn, and ideally lead to better clinical decision making and ultimately better patient outcomes.”

Barry Fernando MD

Founder and CEO of ANZU ®

What residents and medical leadership are saying about the AnzuMedical® platform


This video produced by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) interviews multiple residents, ASAPS members and leaders about the RADAR Network built from the AnzuMedical® platform. The RADAR Network allows participating programs to collaborate and share information in ways never before available in residency education.

About the RADAR Residency Network

It’s a residency tool of the future and a fantastic supplement to resident education. The big benefit is that it synergizes a combination of platforms including peer-reviewed research, expert opinion and procedural videos. Textbooks are outdated by the time they are printed and research articles are great, but don’t always put information into context.

In St. Louis, we do it our way, but now residents can see how procedures are done at other institutions and once they get out of training, they are able to essentially keep up and study innovation.

Terence M. Myckatyn MD

Associate Professor of Surgery and Director of the Cosmetic Surgery Program, Washington University in St. Louis

“Meet The Golden Fleece”

The RADAR Residency Network was recently featured in an article in Practical Dermatology, a monthly publication that provides coverage of medical care, cosmetic advancements, and practice management for clinicians in the field. This article talked about the integration of technology into residency education, citing the RADAR Residency Network built on the AnzuMedical™ platform as a cutting edge product.


The Value Proposition For Medical Societies

Promote Membership to the Next Generation

  • Showcase your educational content and your organization
  • Allow young physicians to collaborate with experts in your community
  • Provide cross-residency program collaboration
  • Provide a valuable daily use product for all levels of training
  • Provide powerful technology tools to access information
  • Provide a smooth transition from residency to membership